The new Logiteam Home work for you!

Five important reasons to cooperate with Logiteam:

  1. You want a professional service provider that thinks along with you, for interactive and effective customer communications through your website which social media is a component
  2. You want you website at serving customers and saves money and benefits
  3. You want to really distinguish themselves also in quality and functionality and therefore no standard online brochure (website)!
  4. You want knowledge and advice on the most effective workflow t. b. v. your paperless front & back office: the new world of work
  5. You are not satisfied with the design/engineering of your current Web site
5 more reasons

Logiteam proves his qualities every day in the area of website management, website construction with integrated customer database (CRM) and client tracking, e-learning, e-mail marketing, job scheduling, hours registration, interactive customer dialog systems oa. webshop, direct Video communication via webcam and complaint handling, including invoicing and automated procurement system.

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