Isotope item params

BOX_BG_COLOR|#COLOR - background color

BOX_BORDER_COLOR|#COLOR - border color

BOX_SIZE|11 - this will add class item-size11 (size of box)

BOX_MIN|1 - minimize block size

BOX_NOLINK|1 - not clickable block

BOX_ONCLICK|link - set link

BOX_TARGET|fancy - open fancybox by ckick

TAG_SELECT|filter_tag - display block by filter

BOX_BIG|class - set class for opened box

BOX_CLASS|class - set class

BOX_COLOR|#COLOR - set text color

BOX_FONTSIZE|14px - set font size

BOX_TYPE|image - parse image for display on small block, not display title

BOX_OPEN|1 - this block always opened

BOX_NOIMAGE|1 - not display image

BOX_DISPLAY_CONTENT|1 - display content on small block (should be class in css)

BOX_TITLE_TAG|a - set tag for title

BOX_BACKGROUND_SIZE|100% - set size of background for small block

BOX_BACKGROUND_REPEAT|no-repeat - set repeat for background for small block

BOX_BG_POS|top - same that background-position in css

BOX_TITLE_LIKE_CONTENT|1 - show content instead title

BOX_TEXT_COLOR|#COLOR - set text color